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2nd Year in a Row HousingWire Selects Benutech for 2014 Top 100 Real Estate Tech List

2nd Year in a Row HousingWire Selects Benutech for 2014 Top 100 Real Estate Tech List

Publicity|March 09,2014


LET’S START with a simple truism: at some point, all of us will end up getting in over our heads.

When coming up with an idea to recognize the technology driving the housing economy, we wanted to do something different. Memorable. Meaningful. Focused. Purpose driven, even.

And so we decided that we would recognize 25 technology firms as unique among their peers: we knew it would be difficult to determine the top 25, but we quickly found ourselves in over our heads. And in a massive way, too.

We realized we had a problem on our hands when more than 250 applications for the program had rolled in. When that number quickly topped 400 a week later, two things had become abundantly clear: first, we knew we’d tapped into something meaningful and memorable. Second, we knew that recognizing 25 firms would not only be next to impossible to do — it would be contrary to the very mission of this publication.

HousingWire exists to move markets forward. In fact, that mission is so central to what we do that it’s emblazoned on a huge glass wall in our lobby for all to see — just so nobody forgets why we do what we do, day in and day out.

In this case, moving markets forward means recognizing the incredible technology that is driving the U.S. housing economy: and 25 firms just wouldn’t cut it. So our editors made the bold decision to turn our tech program into a Top 100 list, simply because there is that much great technology out there.

With over 400 applications received, this means less than 25% of those that applied made the final cut.

That said, we were consistently blown away by what we read in the applications that were sent in: and the level of innovation, by the way, was amazing. It’s heartening to see so much dedication and innovation being pushed into the housing economy.

In retrospect, perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised. After all, what makes us unique at HousingWire is our commitment to the entire housing economy. That’s mortgage lending, servicing, investments and real estate — roughly one-third of this nation’s economic base.

It’s a large market, and the amount of technological innovation taking place in the space is equally as large
and broad.

So with that, we’re pleased to announce our inaugural class of the HW TECH100™, along with 6 specific companies that stood out to our team of judges in each of the six categories of innovation:

  • Unique solution
  • Elegant implementation
  • Market influence
  • Growth
  • Market potential
  • Something else entirely

This is truly a unique list not only because of what it includes, but also for what isn’t there: in-house technology. We made a decision early on to recognize only what could best be considered pure-play tech companies or dot-coms: this meant that field service companies with an awesome mobile app, or a component mortgage services firm with awesome in-house tech, didn’t qualify for this competition.

The final list of 100 firms recognized this year is a special group, characterized as often by their high growth — one firm managed to grow their user base by over 1,000% in one year! — as by the uniqueness of the solutions they offer.

Innovation represents the center of this contest, and in every application we received, our team looked for an innovation that met one of our six criteria. The 100 companies you see here have demonstrated a commitment to innovation in a way that sets them apart from others.

Congratulations to those that made this year’s list, and may 2014 bring a year full of new innovations that move your business forward!


Selection criteria

TECHNOLOGY IS ACCELERATING CHANGE in every industry, and the U.S. housing economy is no different. In fact, technology is so dramatically shifting the landscape for mortgages and housing that at HousingWire, we’ve decided to take a bold look at industry technology in a new, unique and powerful way.

We asked a deceptively simple question: which tech companies are the housing ecomony’s most innovative? That’s the essence of the inaugural HW TECH100™ competition, and what sets this competition apart from any other: no other effort looks as broadly across mortgage lending, mortgage servicing, mortgage investments and real estate technology.

For the HW TECH100™, all firms needed to meet the following basic criteria:

  • Offer technology that focuses on one or more of the following industry sectors: residential mortgage lending, residential mortgage servicing, residential mortgage investments, or real estate.
  • Must demonstrate how technology meets at least one of the 6 criteria for innovation central to the HW TECH100™:
    1. Unique solution
    2. Elegant implementation
    3. Market influence
    4. Growth
    5. Market potential
    6. Something else entirely
  • The technology must be available to 3rd party users and/or actively marketed and sold to 3rd parties for use: this means pure play dot-coms are in, along with software development companies.
  • Services companies with associated in-house technology to support their services offering were not eligible for consideration.
  • The technology (and any associated features tied specifically to an entry) must be available in-market at time of application: no vapor-ware allowed.

Entries were solicited directly from technology companies themselves, as well as from HW readers, who were asked to tell us about the technology they used to conduct everyday business.

All entries were judged by HW editors during February 2014, with editors looking for entries that met the minimum criteria above.

Editors then scored each entry and worked to arrive at a consensus on both the final list of 100 firms as well as 6 category winners, based on the information provided in the entry and any additional research.

Given the sheer volume of entries & nominations received, as well as the short judging timeframe, our editorial team made a determination to limit our assessment to entries received and only the information available in the entries or otherwise publicly available on subject firm’s websites.

In the future, we may extend the review period to allow our editorial members to perform more in-depth technology reviews.



February 28, 2014 09:00 ET

HousingWire Recognizes the Industry's 100 Most Innovative Technology Firms


The Inaugural HW TECH100™ List Is First to Look at Technology Spanning the Entire U.S. Housing Economy



DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Feb 28, 2014) - HousingWire announced today that it has published the 2014 HW TECH100™, the media company's annual look at the most innovative technology firms in the U.S. housing economy.

The full list, featured in the March 2014 issue of HW Magazine, looks at technology companies that offer solutions focusing on one or more of the following industry sectors: residential mortgage lending, residential mortgage servicing, residential mortgage investments, and/or residential real estate. Collectively, these four sectors represent the U.S. housing economy -- a definition unique to HousingWire, and to the HW TECH100™.

"Technology is accelerating change in nearly every industry, and the housing economy is no different," said Paul Jackson, Publisher and CEO at HousingWire. "In fact, the pace of disruption is so dramatically shifting the landscape for mortgages and housing that even selecting 100 firms proved extremely difficult."

The market for residential mortgages and housing represents roughly 1/3rd of the entire U.S. economy each year. Reflecting the massive size of this market, more than 400 firms applied or were nominated for consideration by readers in this year's competition, which assessed how a company's technology met one of 6 different criteria for innovation.

Beyond the 100 industry-leading companies featured in this year's HW TECH100™, six firms were selected by HW editors as winners representing each of the different dimensions of innovation that serve as the foundation for the competition:

  • Unique solution: FormFree's AccountChek platform
  • Elegant implementation: Kofax Limited's Mobile Capture for Mortgage platform
  • Market influence: Ellie Mae's Encompass platform
  • Growth: StreetLinks QX platform
  • Market potential: Roostify.com
  • Something else entirely: DealVector.com

"At the core of this competition is a deceptively simple question: which tech companies are the housing economy's most innovative?" said Jacob Gaffney, executive editor at HousingWire. "Beyond the breadth of technology involved, spanning both real estate and mortgages, I think that trying to answer this question is important as we look toward the future of an industry that underpins much of our nation's economic strength."

The full list of winning firms, along with information about the HW TECH100™ program and criteria, is available online at http://tech100.housingwire.com.

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