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One of our main goals here at Benutech, Inc. is to provide tools to help real estate professionals succeed.  While the main way we do that is by producing top-notch software (ReboGateway, Title Toolbox, ReboCollab, etc.), we’re also the first to admit that it takes more than a great computer program to achieve success – it takes hard work, a bit of luck, and a mind open to new information and ideas.  In that spirit, we present ReboReports, an ever-growing collection of videos by and for real estate professionals.

For your benefit, we are interviewing successful Realtors, talking with experts in realty-related fields (such as title insurance and hazard disclosure), and seeking out the most exciting innovations in real estate to share with you.  All we ask in return is that you engage with the site, provide your comments and suggestions, share useful tidbits with your colleagues, and become even more successful in your own business.  Certainly we’d like you to consider our software solutions, and the site will include some content to help our users make the most of our products, but as you’ll see, the site is far more than that.  We take pride in the fact that ReboReports is available, accessible and (hopefully) beneficial to everyone in the real estate industry as a free resource.

We’re continuing to add more material several times a week, so check back often.  If you have any suggestions for videos you’d be interested in seeing, please let us know, and if you have something interesting to say and would like us to film you, contact us!

Mentor Monday’s

Mentor Monday’s

Real Estate can be a tough business especially so without the right tools or guidance. Benutech has developed incredibly powerful discovery and data tools. Through time and trial, expert Agents and real estate trainers have developed the methods and systems to best use these tools. These experts now share their hard won knowledge and experience with Realtors everywhere.

Realty News USA

Realty News USA

All Real Estate markets are not the same. Real Estate markets also do not stay the same. They are constantly changing and you need to stay abreast of the trends and updates in your area. Realty News USA is your reliable source for these valuable market updates.



Top Agents share their knowledge on telemarketing, direct marketing, phone prospecting, listing presentation sales tips, and daily organization. These valuable videos are on successful real estate agents that are willing to take some time to teach other agents their successful ways. Learn from the experts that are practicing real estate today, not the ones that practiced 20 years ago.

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