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A few words from our happy customers

  • Training: "Danielle was very helpful , patient, and knowledgeable. Her response to my problems were very quick."

    — M.G., Realtor

  • Person This is really cool! I wish they had something like this when I was getting started in Real Estate. It makes it so easy to farm an area and what great info you get at a very inexpensive price.

    — Mike M, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Powerful yet easy to use real estate tool!... My trainer called me on time and was extremely helpful, enthusiastic and really focused on what I was trying to accomplish, offering suggestions. This program is really excellent and is a must have tool for serious prospectors.

    — Elizabeth F, Real Estate Agent

  • Person ReboGateway is a time saving, valuable marketing tool which will positively effect your bottom line.

    — Sharon W, Real Estate Agent

  • Person My training was with Darren and he did a fantastic job walking me through the system and how it works. I really appreciate the help and I can't wait to get rolling!

    — Aldo V, Realtor

  • Person Great service with excellent support! This is a quality service that does exactly what it says it will do and does it well! Tech support is readily available to make sure you get the maximum benefit from their services.

    — Brian, Real Estate Agent

  • Person "As a 30 year professional in real estate (agent/broker) in the Chicagoland area, I have been introduced to many products, but when I was introduced to ReboGateway I thought, this tool has a lot of "bang for its buck". ReboGateway has compiled all of the tedious hours of data/research and delivered it into one concise package. Now, I have ReboGateway do the initial work, identifying the homes most likely to list in my farming/geographical areas saving me time and money. In addition, ReboGateway will send me daily email notifications if any of the properties in my farm are experiencing additional “life event" changes, allowing me to be better informed as to what may further increase their likelihood of having to list. This is a one of a kind, cutting edge, must have technology tool for the real estate industry!!"

    — Rosemary W., Broker

  • Person Thank you, I just started to use your service and I am very impressed. Great info and very nice to work with. I am looking forward to learning more of the system.

    — Eva R, Realtor

  • Person Expecting Great Things In My Future "Very Patient with me. I'm very excited to get my program started and take my business to the next level and I willing to put in the work. This program makes sense and trust me I have looked at many and tried a few with no results. The response time and willingness to help is exceptional. They want you to really understand how their program works. They want you to succeed not just sell a product."

    — Diane J., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Training and Follow-Up: I have to admit that I was somewhat reluctant to sign up. Initially, I thought that the data would be overwhelming and the learning curve steep. Having said all that, the training materials and one-to-one tuition is outstanding. What I really like is how Benutech follows up after training just to make sure they covered your questions and to offer additional advise. Of course there's a lot of data and that certainly makes your goals achievable but, all the support is there when you need it.

    — Tori M., Realtor

  • Person Great Help! Mike was awesome, in a short period of time I could see how to take this to the next level. He was patient and cared about my success with the system.

    — Thomas K, Real Estate Agent

  • Person I had a very informative call and all of my questions were answered in a way that I could fully understand. I was given multiple options to choose from that pertained to my particular situation. I would recommend this service to investors, flippers and wholesalers.

    — P.L., Investor

  • Person In general I have been happy with Rebogateway services, and Darren is doing a good job answering to our questions. Thanks for all your services and support.

    — S.P., Real Estate Agent

  • Person ReboCollab is like the MBA, the others are like Junior High

    — ReboCollab User Response, Broker

  • Person Great Customer Service! I've had the pleasure of working with Michael a few times and he has always been helpful, respectful and patient. I feel like I am his only customer! I've become comfortable asking questions and confident that if he does not have the answer right away, he will get back to me. I'm happy with the service, the product and the flexible training schedules. Support staff is great!

    — Gloria G, Realtor

  • Person Call Back With Steve: Steve does some of the call backs when you need help with the system, he is one of the best and will go the extra mile to make sure you are good 2 go!

    — Jeff G, Real Estate Agent

  • Person ReboGateway gives you everything you need, it's on auto pilot. Every type of lead is available and it sends you email notifications every day.

    — Guillermo S., Asset Management Liquidation Solutions and Short Sales Done EZ

  • Person Invaluable Prospecting Tool: I have farmed foreclosures for most of my real estate career and I have found my lead data the hard way. ReboGateway helps me search for many types of leads easily and allow me to send mailings. Best product I have used to grow my business.

    — Bill B., Realtor

  • Person Thanks very much. Love organizations that move at lightning speed. (This would be a good case study for someone to write up in Harvard Business Review).

    — Pradeep G., Real Estate Owner/Builder/Investor

  • Person Darren called on time and walked me right through mapping my Farm and other functionality of the software. Fantastic tool and Support.

    — Jerry J., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Awesome! Rebo-Gateway has performed above my expectations! I love the various lead choices. Excellent service as well! Customer since August 2014

    — Deanna P, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Excellent Training!…Jeremy did an excellent job of showing me the functionality of the software and easily answered my specific questions.

    — Erika P, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Very Thorough! After joining, that same day I had a free 30 minute phone training with Steven Shaw. He was extremely thorough and very informative. This company takes customer service very seriously and they love to help their clients with any questions they may have. I am very satisfied thus far!

    — Crystal, Realtor

  • Person Both the Tech department and Customer Service are excellent in trying to solve problems. The nice thing about customer service is that is asked for a phone back regardless if they had an answer or not. They kept true to their word. N-I-C-E!

    — Don R, Broker

  • Person John and Steve are awesome instructors, I feel like a pro with the software now and I'm confident the my lists will generate some solid leads!

    — Mathew, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Great Service! Michael was very clear in explaining the system to me and eager to help. He mad sure that I understood each step of the one on one training he provided.

    — Jeremy S,

  • Person Great Product, Great Service "This tool helps me create a method to stay ahead of the competition. Real steps anyone can take to increase your client-base, build a successful business and increase your income."

    — Bruce B., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Great Customer Service: "As a new user, So far I’ve been greatly impressed with Benutech’s software as well as their customer service."

    — Chris P., Realtor

  • Person I am new to ReboGateway and find the service to be unmatched! Thanks to Steve in our scheduled phone appointment yesterday, I have an even deeper understanding and appreciation for this amazing product!

    — J.M., Real Estate

  • Person Steve Shaw was the presenter of the program. I was impressed, it was a lot of information to take in, but I saw all of the potential and possibilities of using this program. I could see how if you applied yourself and learned to use it you could increase your business. I felt confident that the company would provide the training and support needed to accomplish any goals you set for yourself.

    — Shana S., Real Estate Agent

  • Person My Experience with Benutech / RoboGateway as a client: I Love the website with all that it has to offer, no Real Estate Agent should be without this site , if they want to make money , sometimes as agent we hesitate to purchase things thinking that its a scam. But, I am here to tell you that this web site has so many tools to select from , if you wan to grow your business , don't wait, I have been with the same office for 19 yrs., wish I would have found this sooner, GOOD LUCK

    — Brent E, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Best Marketing Money Spent! The quality of highly targeted and highly motivated leads is incredible. This has been some of the best marketing money invested in a long time.

    — Ryan N., Realtor

  • Person Very impressive! "I received a comprehensive demonstration of the program from Dan Roberts. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge, patience and understanding of my questions and concerns. Great customer service and a great tool to utilize in this ever-changing market."

    — Cindy F., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Pleasant sales approach, personable team and looks like a great product. Manager went above and beyond with offer to service my account. They were understandable to my needs and decisions.

    — Gregg G., Realtor

  • Person Benutech has been the best customer service we have received of all services so far. We call, they answer, they help us with everything right away, and the training's are recorded or very easy to setup a one on one interview. Very happy with our experience!

    — Levi, Realtor

  • Person I couldn't thank you enough for informing me of the benefits of ReboGateway. It promises relatively "Live" up to date data for all my marketing needs. I have come to realized how easy it is to work within the system and it provides remarkably accurate information. Should anyone need to contact me further please feel free to provide them my information.

    — Abel F., Effective Real Estate Services

  • Person Farming: Thank you to Steve & Michael for technical support. I will recommended the company. Also if you want to do a trainee in my office.Please let me know.

    — Adelina O., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Great customer service! Everyone seems eager to help solve or answer any questions I have. Got a call back from my rep in a very timely manner.

    — Jeff F, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Micheal Paul: "Michael Paul is always so helpful! So on top of the needs of our business and finding solutions on how he can help."

    — Jamilia H., Real Estate

  • Person I have had great success using the RebGateway divorce lead category. Typically, when a divorce occurs, one in five of these homeowners will need to sell their home within twelve months. Prospecting the divorce lead category really does work!

    — J.D., Realtor

  • Person Exceptional Product Training! The product training i received from Steve was extremely helpful for my understanding on how to use ReboGateway to build mailing lists and establish live farm searches. Also, I was really impressed with numerous lead types that are available in the system.

    — G.F.,

  • Person As a new customer of Benutech, Inc. and ReboGateway, all I have to say is...new business, love it, love it, love it!

    — Peter H., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Great system with even better customer service to back it up! I love what ReboGateway can do. So far, as you can guess from the title, the service has been phenomenal too. The data it spits out is unmatched to anything else we have spent time with so far! Thank you and keep up the good work!

    — Alison F, Real Estate Agent

  • Person A Wonderful Experience All Around
    I am so pleased with my Benutech experience. I have received personalized care and assistance since day-one. This company and its staff are a "highly-recommend" for sure.

    — Kelli H., Real Estate Investor

  • Person Returning Customer: Todd was super helpful in running through my options as I decided to become a returning customer. I wasn't utilizing everything that the service offered and now I am more focused on what I need.

    — Margaret J., Realtor

  • Person The information provided by ReboGateway provides us instant up-to-date real time information that this year has increased our gross sales almost 33% over prior years. It is the only online solution thus far that has provided results and income with very little effort.

    — Jim and Joele W., Surterre Properties

  • Person Your time won’t be wasted! I’m completely satisfied with Benutech. They are responsive to answering questions and provide everything needed to work their platform, ReboGateway. It’s an excellent choice for lead generation and mail out campaigns. I am most sold by the training they provide that’s included with your subscription. They provide 1 on 1 training and provide an hour and half training program to show you how to navigate and work the options of ReboGateway. Love it so far and highly recommend it!

    — Jacob, Real Estate Agent

  • Person 30 minute one on one: I had a 30 min one on one with Steve Shaw. Steve answered every one of my REbo gateway questions very thoroughly. Also in that amount of time, Steve was able to give me some great points on how to use the data system, marketing tools and features to get the most and best results from REbo for my buck. Great customer service! Thanks.

    — Carmen S,

  • Person So Far, So Good "Training was great and follow up service was prompt and very helpful. Love the information we are receiving."

    — David W., Realtor

  • Person ReboGateway and Benutech have an amazing organization. The information that they provide from their data collection will undoubtedly help individuals that are in the real estate world!

    — Daniel, Real Estate

  • Person Consistently the best! Yes,There is no doubt that training at Benutech/ReboGateway are the best! Stupendous service! Calls are punctual and couldn't be more friendly and helpful. Five stars for you all!

    — Lynda, Realtor

  • Person Great Customer Service, Great Follow-Thru "Steve Shaw, Daniel Roberts, and Michael Paul have all provided great training, advice, and customer service, with full support on an ongoing, as-needed basis. I am deeply appreciative for all of their attentive, direct care in helping to me learn, and utilize, the product to its fullest. Thank you! "

    — Dale S., Realtor

  • Person Rebogateway is so much better than the system I was paying twice as much for. The farm feature alone is worth the whole price. Just knowing what is happening as it happens is pure gold. I am meeting with someone who just led for divorce and wants to sell their condo. Every Realtor needs this tool!

    — Phil & Eileen, The Real Estate Team Keller Williams Realty

  • Person Very effective and easy to use. The training is awesome! I work with a lot of programs as an assistant to a top agent and this program is by far my favorite!

    — T.L., Assistant to agent

  • Person There's Always Help When You Need It! Since joining ReboGateway some time ago I’ve always received the help I need, whether for an individual question or for another comprehensive review. These days I find I must market to more territory to get the same results that I used to get. It's too expensive to do that effectively. I realized I have to target to the most likely potential sellers in order to meet my goals. ReboGateway has the data necessary to do that. And it’s more comprehensive and less expensive than other sources.

    — Gene M, Real Estate Agent

  • Person The information provided is fantastic and I find it to be very accurate! It is very good at locating phone numbers and some that I could not find, Rebogateway had listed. The information is good and now it is up to me to do my due diligence to get some business from this great info!

    — Bill B., Keller Williams

  • Person Excellent Service "Michael provided polite and patient service. Helped me setup my Live Farms which are working Great!!"

    — Brian P., Realtor

  • Person Data is amazing: "I am surprised at the data available. I am anxious for the rest of the resources to be available here in Arizona. Both reps that I have dealt with have been very pleasant and patient."

    — B.E., Realtor

  • Person One-on-one with Darren... Darren was very helpful & patient, made sure I understood how the system works & made several suggestions that I am implementing.

    — Richard C, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Usage: "I have just started with them, right now I am trying to familiarize with the system,but so far it looks promising!"

    — Arlene O., Realtor

  • Person Terrific Experience All Around! As an assistant to a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, I have found Benutech/ReboGateway to be excellent on all levels. The program is working well to help us target our marketing and the support staff is excellent. My recent training session with Steve was efficient and very helpful.

    — Diane S, Real Estate Assistant

  • Person Experience: "Steve did a fantastic presentation to me, I will use this program more often. I will highly recommend to other agents. Thanks to my Title Representatives Tammy and Clare from Fidelity Title, Of course Steve too :=)"

    — Mary W., Realtor

  • Person Michael Paul was very patient throughout our training and made it very simple to understand ReboGateway. I've had it for a while, done the training a couple of times but did not understand till he explained it!

    — Jamila H., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Great Service! Had a great experience with not only my rep but with followup on questions that I had. I would recommend them in a snap.

    — M.J., Realtor

  • Person 30 mins one with Steve: I ad a productive discussion with Steve. He answered all my question on the capabilities of Rebogateway application. He also gave great tips and pointers on getting the most out of the system.

    — Sola O, Realtor

  • Person Great Customer Service!...I scheduled a training and they answer all the questions I had. Very good customer service. The ability to schedule training right from the site is great.

    — Mona B, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Presentation" "Todd did a fantastic job of presenting the product to myself and a new client. Even calling back several times due to a lost connection. I will highly recommend the product to additional clients in the near future. Well done Todd!"

    — Andrew R., Real Estate

  • Person I love everything about this company!
    This company is a godsend, it makes my life as an investor so much easier! The training they provide is top notice and the trainers are always there to assist. I want to give a shout out and say thanks to Steve Shaw for all his help A+ man!

    — Anwar A., Real Estate Investor

  • Person 60 minutes with Michael Paul: I spoke with Michael 2 times, he did not give up on me, made sure that I understood the material. I wish your website was not that difficult to understand.

    — Jola M., Realtor

  • Person My experience with Benutech has been great - they make data understandable! I had expert help to adjust my account and to understand how to get more results by adding additional farms. Thanks

    — Dave, Realtor

  • Person Great training: "Steve did a great job training my client on the benefits and features of ReboGateway. The only drawback was the screen share did not work at that time."

    — Jerry W., Title

  • Person Responsive company & great lead generator! I was looking for something more precise to get leads. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I am able to customize my farm and pinpoint likely clients. I get great leads that keep me busy. I also am impressed with their support. They really try to help you and make you successful! It's a win-win for all. If u r on the fence, this will give the boost to your business that u are looking for. It takes a lot of the random marketing out of the picture to focus on the real prospective clients

    — Teresa B, Realtor

  • Person Enjoyed my training "My trainer Steve was very helpful and showed me really how to maximize the potential of the system. Great customer support!"

    — Christopher J, Realtor

  • Person Training- Title Toolbox. Steve Shaw was very thorough training me and my partner on Title Toolbox. There's a tremendous amount of value in the product! Thank you!

    — Sally A, Title

  • Person Steve Shaw training session: Steve was right on time for the training session. He gave me all the information and more I was looking for. Very excited about all features ReboGateway has to offer. Steve was upbeat and caring. Great trainer

    — Lourdes S,

  • Person Great Service! "Thank you to Michael Paul for the great service he has provided. He was kind and efficient and I appreciate him taking the time to work with me. "

    — Jo Jo S., Realtor

  • Person I am so glad that you can get more leads of divorces, fsbo's, baby boomers, tax defaults which includes s majority of their phone numbers, as well as, farms in a radius or demographic area.

    — V.B., Investor

  • Person Awesome training! Steve was extremely helpful!! Not only with training in the program, but also with ideas and advice. Highly recommend the software!

    — Lisa, Realtor

  • Person Rebogateway is a good tool to have. I like the different lead types it has to offer. I'm so glad I signed up. My account Representative is very attentive to helping me to get to my needs. I can't wait to see the outcome of my business utilizing Rebogateway! Thanks

    — Fe M., Realtor

  • Person New to ReboGateway and Love it! Really love what this company can do for my business. Also, customer support and ongoing training support is unmatchable!

    — Paula G., Realtor

  • Person Support: Very helpful. Explained everything to me and gave me tips. Also followed up same day with questions he did not have answers to during the call. Thanks!

    — Brian S, Realtor

  • Person "Dan did a very detailed on line review which was very helpful explaining ReboGateway. He went through the different ways to best utilize the program."

    — Daryl M., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Excellent Marketing for Investors! This is and easy to use tool that saves me a ton of money when purchasing lists. The cost saving are unbelievable and the customer service is better than the product

    — Adam N., Real Estate Investor

  • Person For the price it was a no brainier and everyone should sign up!

    — ReboGateway Response, Real Estate Broker

  • Person World class customer service! The tool is robust. The staff that supports the learning is second to none. This is a great product, with back up!

    — J.L., Realtor

  • Person Review of 30 minute one-on-one training: The one-on-one training I had with Steve Shaw was very beneficial as I am new to the Rebogateway program. I had already reviewed the training videos however I had some specific questions that I needed answered and the one-on-one training was perfect for that. Thank you for providing it!

    — Colleen M , Realtor

  • Person I joined Rebo Gateway as soon as I saw the program in 2011. It has been my go to source and has paid for the service many times over. The program has grown and become a better value over the years. It is a necessary part of my marketing and evaluation of properties. The support has been great and helped me to maximize the program.

    — Phil G., Realtor

  • Person Amazing! ReboGateway is an extraordinary tool in helping me build my real estate investing business. The customer service is outstanding.

    — Laurabell L, Real Estate Investor

  • Person Excellent Support! I've now had two free 30 minute training calls and I couldn't be happier with the support. The more I use and learn the service the more I love it. Great job!

    — Jason P, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Been playing with Rebogateway and have only one thing to say. It works like a surgeons scalpel for Realtors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyrQ2WrhEac&feature=youtu.be

    — Connor M., Realtor

  • Person Webinar Training: What a great and thorough job done by Steve Shaw! Was clear and concise and explained all our questions. Thanks to the Benutech Team and they're great support!

    — George R., Real Estate

  • Person ReboGateway is amazingly fun, easy to use and loaded with features and benefits! ReboGateway gives you HUNDREDS of Public Records at your fingertips from the comfort of your home, office or mobile device. No more hours spent searching at the Courthouse! This product is well worth the investment!

    — Lorre B., Realtor- Austin Texas

  • Person The back-end support is phenomenal!! Confused about what to filter for you list? Not sure of the most effective list to pull for motivated sellers? Book with Steve, he'll not only walk you through the process, but show you how to save this and export if necessary. Very thorough training and much appreciated. The application is fantastic, but the support goes way beyond anything I expected.

    — M.H.,

  • Person Great! Service is great and I got the list I want. No company can do this. It save a lot time and money. I love it. Thanks.

    — Tom L., Realtor

  • Person Excellent Service and Platform: This system is awesome. However, you must take the training and play around with it. Once you get the hang of it, it will be your best friend in making those deals close with ease, not to mention John is great!

    — Debbie W., Real Estate Agent

  • Person This has been a beneficial and informative program. Try it for yourself and see. They are Grrreeeat!

    — Brenda W., President

  • Person Very responsive...answering questions I have and explaining the various ways I can use the software to find more potential leads.

    — Linda, Realtor

  • Person Amazing Software! Along with hardwork, this software is a key in a successful real estate career! Since getting started, the support team has been outstanding. I'm looking forward to having a fully integrated marketing program. Thanks a bunch to the staff a Rebo Gateway. It's not just the product, but the people behind it that make it a great experience.

    — Jeff S, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Great service! They were thorough and very helpful. They took the time to walk me through each step carefully. The information is absolutely amazing. It is so easy to get the lists I need. I also love the farming option where I can receive daily updates.

    — Abe M., Real Estate Agent

  • Person I signed up for ReboGateway and attended the basic webinar and had a one on one phone call with a support representative and thus far, everything is great. It looks to be a very valuable tool for my practice!

    — Douglas, Real Estate Broker/Investor

  • Person Michael was a great trainer, very polite and helpful. He went into just enough detail to give me a good idea on how to use the system.

    — Marly W, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Rebogateway is an amazing tool for realtors. I am so happy I discovered it. Now I can target market to all kinds of specific homeowners who might be ready to move in the near future in addition to the geographic farming. I can be as precise and as expansive as I want to be. The information and the way to create farms have never been available in a better way and with better pricing than with Rebogateway. Our best return on our advertising money has always been to reach the homeowners most likely to prepare a move. Rebogateway is giving us this access. The training to use the data and customer service are the best as well. I can wholeheartedly recommend Rebogateway to any realtor.

    — Heidi M., Real Estate Agent

  • Person I wanted to take a quick minute to write a review about ReboGateway, as well as, John Harcar. I signed up for ReboGateway about 5 months ago when I first started wholesaling. The price per lead is lower than any other list service and it has allowed me to pull more names for mailings. I have closed 6 deals from leads pulled from ReboGateway. John is very helpful and goes out of his way to correct any issues as well as make sure you are taken care of.

    — Matt V, Investor


    — MARIO P, Real Estate Broker

  • Person The New Title Toolbox is so full of options and choices I didn't know if I was looking at data or I was at the buffet at the MGM in Las Vegas. It has just about everything a Realtor needs to move from mediocre to elite. Great Going! thank you Ralph for showing this to me!

    — Lou M, Title

  • Person Best Source for the Money! I have used ReboGateway for over a year and find it to be a valuable tool for market research. The support is great and the site continues to provide new information and sources.

    — Phil G, Keller Williams

  • Person Rebogateway is clearly is the best tool available to help the "proactive agents" grow their business.

    — Kristi M., Title Executive

  • Person ReboGateway Service: Your services are a tremendous asset to my Realtor and investment businesses. Your Representative Michael was easy to understand and he had lots of suggestions to improve my cash flow!

    — Kenneth C., Real Estate

  • Person Customer Service Response & Training Webinar. The response from customer service was exceptional. They were patient, clear in their instructions and most of all went above and beyond. Similarity, the webinar training was thorough and complete with very helpful off-the-cuff tips to boot. Many, many thanks!

    — Thomas P, Realtor


    — Chuck R., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Training with Steve: Great session. Easy to work with, he led me by the hand and helped me set up some great leads lists. Saved me hours of my own time. Looking forward to continuing to work with him on my account.

    — Judy C, Realtor

  • Person Title Tool Box: This is a great tool. I'm so pleased my Title Rep set this up. The Instructor was terrific. Went over the parts I was unsure of and even gave me tips for better marketing. I love this program and it's ease of use. Everyone should have this tool box. "

    — Linda S., Realtor

  • Person Excellent Company! A+ It's awesome... I can't say enough how well ReboGateway tailored to the needs of the Real Estate Industry. I am happy to be using the software with various degrees of satisfaction. Thanks for a Great Tool!!

    — Jeannie G., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Great lead generation platform: "The promotion is something to investigate today to build and grow your real estate business today get started."

    — Pamela C., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Training with Mike Paul: So far, so good. I have a general idea of what can be done and how to find information and use it. I look forward to learning more and using this amazing tool. Thank you for putting this in our took kit!

    — Joanna M., Real Estate Agent

  • Person ReboGateway is a "one stop shop" for real estate agents. In a short period of time I got 20 listings through the ReboGateway system.

    — Amy U., Real Estate Agent

  • Person This software is timely for me, just based on the fact, I enjoy the old fashion way of doing Real Estate, "door knocking" and getting to know the neighbors. Now I can still go knocking but with a well thought out strategy going to specific homes. I am excited about exploring the rest of the options made available...$$$$$$ on it's way!

    — Sondra, Realtor

  • Person Great Customer Service.. can't wait to start to use the product! Patrick is a true champ and answered all of my questions and concerns..

    — M.R., Realtor

  • Person I'm not sure how long the company has been around but they act as though they are trying to build a solid reputation. I am satisfied with the many representatives I have interacted with and feel confident I'll receive the same treatment the life of my membership. So far so good.

    — Tom F., Real Estate Investor

  • Person Wow!...After spending 35 minutes on the phone with a trainer, I am really impressed with the versatility of the website. Now I have to sort through the ideas and decide how best to use the site. There are many possibles. I expect to add a second county right away.

    — Bob S. , Real Estate Agent

  • Person Great software and Training! Steve Shaw goes the extra mile during the live Basic Training sessions to include everyone, answering the questions as they are typed into the chat window. The ReboGateway and Title Toolbox recorded training's are excellent for getting up to speed at your own pace and on a schedule that is convenient to you. Highly recommend Benutech and its staff!

    — Jim P, Realtor

  • Person Very Helpful! My recent phone call with John and training session with Steve was efficient and extremely helpful as I'm entering a new market with my marketing.

    — Barry S, Real Estate Agent

  • Person John, I have to give a big thanks to you and ReboGateway. Since I signed up in Feb. of this year, I closed three deals and made over $45,000 in assignment fees! Using the data that your company provided has proven to be priceless! It's well worth the amount you charge for it. We will continue to use your services for years to come. Thanks again John!

    — Damon D., Investor

  • Person When one needs help, it is there immediately. Finally, a group came up with all the things a Realtor needs in terms of good leads, with very little effort. My congratulations to Benutech for developing a wonderful program!

    — R.R., Realtor

  • Person Thank you! Steve was a great teacher and answered all my questions. It is nice to have someone guiding you through steps. Awesome Training!

    — Jackie N, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Use of Rebo allows a professional business approach because you are completely informed about your target clients. This reduces relationship tension and accelerates comfortable communication. You can ask the right questions to show your sales expertise. I am sure my sales will result in more sales.

    — P. Smith, Realtor

  • Person Thank you Benutech, for taking such great care of another one of my clients. He loves your program.


  • Person ReboGateway delivers a wealth of information, and Daren has been really helpful to me in figuring out how to find it, how to use it and how to market with it. So much potential with it!

    — Karen H., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Thank you, I am happy I found this program and the most important factor is all the training I have been getting

    — Jola M, Realtor

  • Person Thanks for the help "I really appreciate the 1 on 1 help that I got the other day .Your tech was great...l feel like there is so much more to learn."

    — Ann D., Realtor

  • Person ReboGateway One on One Call Review: I had a one on one call with Steve Shaw from ReboGateway and he was extremely helpful and was patient with all my questions. Steve's help has now made it easy for me to understand the software and get going! Thank you Steve!

    — Cesar G, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Great webinar with Steve Shaw: Loved the webinar! It was easy to follow and very thorough. I've had the program for quite some time but I've never really been able to grasp what to do and what not to do. Kudos to Steve and crew for doing this.

    — Orlando P., Realtor

  • Person Very helpful "David did a wonderful job with his demo of Rebo Gateway. Even though I put in a last minute request, he was able to call on time as scheduled. Before the demo, David noticed that one of the features was not working properly and had that fixed right away. Thank you and good job!"

    — Olivia M., Realtor

  • Person Great product, awesome customer service. I recently bought rebogateway.com and can already see the amazing potential it has to offer me as a real estate investor. I requested a 1-on-1 coaching session and got it setup and done the same day. Awesome!

    — William L., Investor

  • Person New to Rebogateway & Love It!
    Really love what this can do for my business. Also, the customer support and ongoing training support is unmatchable! Trainer Steve Shaw is very helpful and patient (happy face)."

    — Paula G., Real Estate Investor

  • Person Thank you for introducing Rebogateway to our office. I spent this past weekend pulling several farms; I like the product because you can define your target audience/market. In addition mailings and marketing material are quick and easy upload to upload. The investment is so small and the potential rewards are great! Rebogateway is a well designed product!

    — Bridget D., Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

  • Person We just started using their resources and it has paid off and continues to do so, this company provides great value.

    — J.N.,

  • Person Shhh...Don't tell my competitors! I am surprised at how I have been able to change the way I do business using ReboGateway from Benutech, Inc. I am now able to predict which homeowners are more likely to sell due to divorces, NODS or deaths in families. Now if I can only keep my competitors from finding out about the service...

    — Marc M., Real Estate

  • Person Thank you...just getting started with the system, it has a lot of great info. I am ready to learn all that I need.

    — Diana C, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Great Company, Great Service Once in a while you come across a company that delivers more than it promises. Benutech is one such company. Their products are worth their weight in gold. I have just started to use their site, but I can see where I am headed. The same information from other companies comes with an atrocious price tag. As for their service it is truly exemplary. The trainers are knowledgeable and reach out to you immediately. I highly recommend their service.

    — Abida S, Real Estate Agent

  • Person This company is a dream come true for a Real Estate professional that is in need of lots of information. It is the best and most complete tool that I have seen in the past 30 years.

    — Kirk A., Real Estate Consultant

  • Person Steve Shaw is absolutely the TOP!!! "Steve Shaw is a huge value to me & my team!! He is always highly professional & extremely dependable. Steve's knowledge and understanding of the Benutech programs & everything that they can do is absolutely amazing. He is so patient with our clients & myself, that along with his expertise when it comes to all the areas of Title Toolbox make him an outstanding resource. I can’t say enough wonderful things about how much my clients & I’ve learned from him. He truly is the TTB master! TY Steve"

    — Jeanie J, Title Rep

  • Person Excellent service "Steve helped me out with exactly what I needed. He's very knowledgeable and exhibited patience when addressing my questions."

    — Jason L., Realtor

  • Person Live farms "David Bonday was great at keeping it simple and to the point on the value of the program benefits. I'm looking forward to working with him and nice to know that I can call him directly anytime."

    — Santiago S., Real Estate

  • Person Thank you thank you thank you! I'm in love with your site :-) it is beautiful, clean and some parts are very easy to learn. I'm grateful for your guidance, patience and responsiveness, as well as your humor during the Webinars! I look forward to a continuing relationship with you Guys! I'm a Newbie & I'm enthusiastic of what your site will do for my business! I have already recommended you to my Broker!

    — G.L., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Loved Service... loved the service and what it had to offer, training was very informative. Instructor was great. Did not like that my MLS service did not want to add Rebo to our database here in Maryland.

    — Vida K, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Training With Steve Shaw. Steve was extremely Knowledgeable and sought to understand what I wanted to do before making suggestions. I had created some farms and some farms and some were not correct so instead of saying they were wrong he inquired as to what I wanted to accomplish. Upon explaining my objective he went into my account to show me how to develop the farms. he took it a step further, we ran out of time but he finished building the farms and exported a lead sheet of properties for me to market. Steve is awesome!

    — Patricia W, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Target Marketing Efficiency
    Use of ReboGateway allows a professional business approach because you are completely informed about your target clients. This reduces relationship tension and accelerates comfortable communication. You can ask the right questions to show your sales expertise. I am sure my sales will result in more sales.

    — Pierce S.,

  • Person Big Help is just a call away! I was pulling my hair out because my newly purchases was giving me erroneous data. 15 minutes into the meeting an error was discovered with one of the data inputs. The problem was reported to tech for review and I was happy with the temporary workaround. I was back in business. Great customer support!!

    — Hal M, Real Estate

  • Person My favorite vendor for all your real estate farms. The possibilities are phenomenal! Super product to find latest NOD, NOS, REO, newly divorced, expired listings, and so much more.

    — S.C., VP Business Development

  • Person Excellent Customer Service! My trainer was great,he was very helpful and answered my questions one by one until 30 minutes passed. Friendly and easy. Also gave me an encouragement to get used to the system. Very thoughtful point of view!

    — M.L., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Agent "Did a great job. I feel like they were very thorough and informative. I am hoping for the best with this new adventure."

    — Michael G., Realtor

  • Person The BEST EVER! Not only does Benutech exceed all my expectations with its software, but Steve Shaw exceeds any and all expectations in helping me-- one of the technology challenged--to get through it. I wish I had found this a long time ago. It is so all encompassing that I keep being surprised at how good it gets around every corner. Steve is like GPS-- never gets upset when I ask a question for the 100th time.

    — Lynda, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Awesome! "Awesome customer service!!! Very helpful and knowledgeable. Explanation and walk thru of product was exceptional!!!"

    — Bruce B., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Good job: "The customer service i received is really good. It takes time to see if the lead system works though."

    — Joe M., Real Estate Agent

  • Person I'm not sure how long the company has been around, but they act as though they are trying to build a solid reputation. I am satisfied with the many representatives I have interacted with and feel confident I'll receive the same treatment the life of my membership. So far so good!

    — Tom , Real Estate Agent

  • Person Great stuff! I'm in an investor in Tampa. I first got with Jon, and we must have talked on the phone 4 times. He answered any questions and addressed all my concerns. Then I watched the webinar with Steve Shaw which I highly recommend. After the webinar I scheduled a one on one with Steve and he absolutely killed it. Helped me out big time, gave me great advice and guided me on everything. Thanks so much Steve! I'm really glad I spoke with you before sending out a list!

    — Norge H, Investor

  • Person Great Explanation: Dan did a wonderful job of explaining and demonstrating your product. I did not feel pressured. He was patient. I like your product and will definitely consider purchasing.

    — R.J., Realtor

  • Person Thank you for taking the time to show me how to use this wonderful tool. It's full of very helpful information. It's user friendly and I believe will produce good prospects and/ or leads to increase my income very soon. I'm glad I took the time to listen and navigate your page.

    — Monica A, Realtor

  • Person Michael Paul Customer Service: "Michael Paul gave me excellent customer service. He was very patient & nice. Thank you!"

    — Elizabeth E., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Excellent overview! I expect to do another one or two of these 30 minute sessions. This program is capable of so much, I was not using it to its full potential. The overview was excellent

    — Elizabeth H., Realtor

  • Person Title Tool Box / Benutech: "With turn over and life events this is a great product and I have many clients that will appreciate the timely information they will be receiving on their farms. Keep up the good work!"

    — David A., Title Rep

  • Person I can't say one negative thing about my experience. The support is 2nd to none.They will call you, the live chat is helpful and webinars are informative and frequent.

    — Linda M.,

  • Person Due to the success many of our associates are having with ReboGateway, we have asked them to host another webinar for Keyes associates to learn about the program. This is a great tool for finding potential listings, and is pretty easy on the pocketbook, too. Please take a moment to login and learn if it is right for you. Space is limited…. Register now!

    — Wendi I., Chief Information Officer, The Keyes Company

  • Person Help Came Fast! "I receive help within hours, Michael Paul was very helpful with my vacant land needs. Michael went above and beyond the call of duty."

    — Carol H., Real Estate

  • Person Thank you! Your product is going to help me reach my goals for 2014. I can't wait to share my sucess!

    — Faryl A., Realtor

  • Person Awesome experience and company! Awesome website design and company.... Once you learn how to work the system, it saves you time, money, and research...

    — Jacob R., Realtor

  • Person David gave a detailed demonstration of the software with compassion, patience and expertise. He followed through with his prospect with calls, email, and confirmation. Thank you!

    — Lauren N., Real Estate Investor

  • Person After the quick training I received by the Benutech staff I can manage ReboGateway myself, thank you! It is easier than I had thought at 1st glance. The use of ReboGateway instead of the three programs I was using saves me time and much frustration, thank you! And the thrill of being able to slice and dice my quirky searches and gather virtually endless leads and information anytime I want them is absolutely the best. Thank You Again!!! I really appreciate the intuitive nature of the system as well!-(maybe the best part-there are so many good qualities.) WELCOME TO THE NEW AGE OF USER FRIENDLY DATA! I’m glad ReboGateway has arrived! Thanks, thanks, thanks! Joe

    — Joe L., Agent

  • Person Great Experience "I think these guys have a great product and the pricing is awesome. No sales pressure either. All around good people running a good company."

    — Craig Y., Real Estate Agent

  • Person More than a bargain; it's a great value! Great tools for Realtors are hard to find. Even harder to find those with automated features. ReboGateway has allowed us to leverage our time to maximize our results. Finally we can focus on specific markets instead of the shotgun approach. The 30 minute one-on-one training sessions with Steve Shaw helped to get up to speed in a short amount of time. Thanks Steve for your expertise.

    — E J Howard, Realtor

  • Person Successful Real Estate searches! ...Rebgateway is by far the most efficient technology available to increase my volume of perspective real estate clients, with the least amount of effort for any lead type search.

    — Silver F, Realtor

  • Person I just had a Student in Houston send his first 150 USPS N.O.D. mailers directly from www.rebogateway.com and got over 10 phone responses. He now has 2 under contract. You wanna know how he did it? His card was hand written: “Hello X. My name is Michael and my wife is Juliana. We noticed your house at 123 Main Street. Is it for sale? We have cash. Call us if we can help. Sincerely ….. name, phone, email”. He took action, that’s how he did it. And he used rebogateway. On the last day of his mentorship, we knocked on 30 pre-foreclosure doors and he emailed me to say that he is having trouble doing his day job because he is getting so many calls from the hand written note and biz card that we left on their front doors. So if you are wondering/doubting or just procrastinating, don’t. this stuff works.

    — Geoff N., Investor/Coach

  • Person Helpful Training! I not only have a better understanding of what I was already utilizing, but [also] features that are powerful for me growing my business.

    — Ryan S., Scottsdale, AZ

  • Person I got a million dollar listing in Riverside from Rebo! It was an expired :) I thought you could use it to tell people that the system really works if you work it!

    — Terra D., Real Estate Agent

  • Person ReboGateway has a great system, it has so many options and features that helps utilize the market place when trying to obtain new clients.

    — Winfred O., Realtor

  • Person Patient and Knowledgeable Training: The trainer was very knowledgeable and helpful with explaining how the site works. He was very good answering my questions and showing me how I could narrow down my search criteria to get exactly what I wanted. He will be assisting my business partner in understanding the value of the system. I appreciate that he will take the time in doing so.

    — Michelle D, Real Estate Agent

  • Person Excellent!!! "Great Product and Excellent Client Service. I am impressed with the program itself and the ongoing assistance with getting the most out of it. There are so many ways to benefit from your products. Thank you."

    — Kris T., Real Estate Agent

  • Person The training I had was great... He took his time and explained well...Steve Shaw was trainer....I really appreciate his patients!

    — Joe D., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Support: Steve Shaw did a great job explaining how the system worked and gave me several tips to help me understand. Thanks for your help and look forward to a long relationship with ReboGateway!

    — Brian F, Real Estate Agent

  • Person The program can be complicated but the support is great! After some practice you'll get the hang of it. Steve was very helpful, answered all the questions I had.

    — M.P., Realtor

  • Person Their service is invaluable. They offer so many ways to generate client leads. All the work is done for us, all I have to do is call! I highly recommend them.

    — M.A., Broker/Owner

  • Person Rebogateway: "I've only started using it the last 2 months. Still learning how everything works. Customer service has been great. "

    — R.K., Realtor

  • Person Great Experience: "Jon is my account manager and Michael helped me with training. Both were very professional, friendly and helpful. I am very happy with the services that was provided."

    — Cindy K., Real Estate Agent

  • Person Great Data! We just started using their resources and it has paid off and continues to do so. This company provides great value!

    — J.N., Real Estate

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